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At B2B POLISHING & DETAILING CO. LLC in Cleveland, we care about our customers

Welcome to our website. In Cleveland, you won't find another business like ours. It's the fact that we stay up to date with today's trends,

"We are everywhere you need us to be!"  We have passion for our customers that sets us apart from other Travel & Transportation companies. We're standing by to take care of Polishing your Tanks, Rims, and Grills as well as, Detailing and Pressure Washing your truck.

B2B POLISHING & DETAILING CO. LLC is a family owned and operated company that got started because we saw a great need to assist Semi-Truck drivers by being mobile, fast  and available during trucking travels which saves drivers time and effort.

When you elect to have Tanks, Rims and Grill polished we will Pressure Wash and Detail your Truck For FREE! TRUCKER'S ONE-STOP!! Registrar to receive E-Mails about future DISCOUNTS!

Valid from 12/31/16 to 6/1/17.

So what are you waiting for? B2B POLISHING & DETAILING CO. LLC is ready to serve you.

If you're looking for industry experts that can answer the question "How do I find Polishing and Detailing at  competitive prices?" then consider doing business with B2B POLISHING & DETAILING CO., LLC. Contact us today and enjoy our fast and reliable customer service.